TangledWebs is an action group, challenging Donor Conception (DC) practices in Australia & internationally.

Members have personal &/or professional experience that relates to DC or adoption. TW provides an alternative voice to ART through greater recognition of the complex, lifelong issues that affect the person created through DC. It’s our view that there are significant moral, social & legal issues that arise from DC practices that have intergenerational consequences for the wider community.

TW advocates equal rights & protection for all DC people, as defined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
We believe that DC practices throughout the world contravene the rights of the child/adult who is created in these circumstances.

TW is committed to ensuring that future legislation be enacted to provide all DC adults with retrospective access to information concerning their biological/genealogical parentage.

TW seeks to raise public awareness concerning issues of identity/kinship loss for DC people. We’re committed to ensuring that
all DC people have access to adequate emotional, practical support to assist them with their life experience of kinship loss & possible reconciliation with disconnected kin.

TW seeks to promote the establishment of the Infertility Treatment Authority’s (Vic, AU) Voluntary Register (& similar registers
in other states & o/s) encouraging DC offspring, past donors & recipient parents to register.

TW’s focus is on DC issues.

TW believes it’s essential to shift the focus of DC from meeting needs of adults, including donors, to defending the rights of people
born as a result & protecting them from the intrinsic injustices of the practice.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. embryodonors says:

    We are a couple who 2 years ago donated one of our surplus embryos from our own IVF treatment, to a childless couple.
    We have 1 IVF son (16yrs)from our embryos, and 1 adopted son (18yrs).
    Our donation was the result from our decision that we simply could not “dispose” the human life we created. It took 9 years to create them.
    We chose an unknown couple who agreed to provide for any resulting child to have contact with us. This decision was made jointly with our existing children.
    A baby girl was born and all was well. Contact occurred from birth through to 1 year old. About once a month for a few hours.

    Having an adopted son that was a fantastic open contact adoption (he’s now 18 yrs old) showed us how important it is to maintain that contact with genetic family.

    Now the embryo recipient couple have cut all contact, and effectively stolen her blood family away from her like a thief in the night.

    We are trying desperately to have the Court re-instate her contact rights, but looks like we’re fighting a losing battle as the attitude seems to be more one of protecting the rights of the adult recipients, and ignoring the decent best interests of the child.

    Please help us. If any of you have any experiences that show the real benefit and decent right of children born from donation to have contact with their blood family, siblings etc, especially during their childhood years, can you pleasde contact us.

    Maybe you could share your own feelings as a donor child, and how you think having occassional contact whilst growing up would have been beneficial. We have nowhere else to turn.
    Our genetic daughter has had her family stolen from her by her legal guardians. Our sons have lost their sister. We have lost our genetic daughter and this is ripping us to pieces. We are in New Zealand. You can read an article on our embryo donation here
    The pic is of our sone and his donated sister.
    Our email is u-sell@xtra.co.nz if you can help.
    Peter and Christy

  2. Suzy says:

    Us their a support group in Idaho?

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